Taking the battle of the CD-RW drive makers up another notch, Yamaha has announced the first drive that can burn CDs at speeds up to 20x. The CRW2200, to be launched next week at the CeBIT show in Hanover in March, is available in two versions for Windows users: the internal IDE ATAPI CRW2200E-VK and the internal SCSI CRW2200S-VK. The CRW2200 offers speeds of 20x write, 10x re-write and 40x read. It includes Ahead’s Nero 5.5 CD-burning software as well as the company’s NeroMIX, InCD and Nero Toolkit tools. The drive also includes Yamaha’s SafeBurn technology. This includes an 8MB buffer memory, buffer underrun protection and write-speed control, which checks the quality of any inserted disc and sets the write speed to match it.