Greenworks has announced the release of Xfrog 4 for Maya, bringing their organic modeling tool to the Maya 3D and animation platform.

Using Xfrog, users can create structures such plants, organisms, abstract forms, organic architecture and nature-based special effects.

Xfrog 4 for Maya includes objects such as the Branch Object for creating branching structures such as trees and bushes and the NURBS-based Curve Object with parameters for controlling rotation and translation.

The Hydra Object is a tool for copying objects about a circle such as petals around a flower. The Phyllotaxis Object groups objects onto and across surfaces of revolution which are arranged on a spherical surface by default.

Objects are controlled by control curves and splines, that can also be animated. Mathematical formulas can be used to influence the input values of the curves and splines.

According to Greenworks, Xfrog 4 Maya is currently on beta release 3 which is freely available for download. A pre-release version of Xfrog 4 for Maya is available for $399 (around £220), with the release version costing $499 (£275).