XChange International has released of the Xfile 2 plug-in for Photoshop. The new version offers 'seam carving' and image resizing capabilities.

Imaging applications today work with linear resizing, so everything within the image changes size proportionally. Xfile 2 does that too with advanced algorithms and now features a seam carving tool that allows the image to be resized while changing its aspect ratio and keeping important features untouched. It removes or adds areas to an image that would be least noticed.

To give users more controls on elements of the image they want to maintain and the parts they do not really care about, Xfile’s Seam Carving features provide an interface to define image areas. Xfile 2 offers a dual set of Protect/Erase masks. Users simply brush on the image to protect an area, or brush to tell Xfile that this area can be carved out during the resizing. Xfile 2 also provides users a preview of the effect an operation will have on an image before they finalise their changes.

The plug-in's features include efficient upsizing algorithms for image enlargements, several interpolation methods including sophisticated mathematical algorithms (Lanczos/Xfile), high quality image downsizing to maintain the maximum details at smaller image sizes, a fast preview at the one-to-one level of the final result within a larger preview.

Xfile 2 has been designed as a plug-in for all applications supporting Photoshop plug-ins such as Adobe Photoshop 7 to CS3, Photoshop Elements 2 to 6, Corel PhotoPaint, and Painter. It costs £49 plus VAT.