Xerox has taken the wraps off two new colour printers – The Phaser 8400 solid ink printer and the Phaser 7750 laser printer.

The Phaser 8400 is a new solid ink printer that provides 2,400dpi equivalent output, starting at $999 (around £550). The printer is actually capable of 600-x-600dpi physical output, but it features Xerox's 2400 FinePoint technology. The net result, said Xerox director of product marketing Jack Fanning, is output that's almost as good without the serious performance penalty true 2,400dpi output would impose.

The Phaser 8400 is equipped with Adobe PostScript 3 support, and is capable of printing out on various media, such as card stock, envelopes, and transparencies. It can print on custom page sizes ranging from 3.5-x-5 inches to 8.5-x-14 inches.

The Phaser 8400 is available in a variety of configurations ranging from a desktop model equipped with USB 2.0 and parallel interfaces to networked versions starting at $1,299 (£700).

Although the Phaser 8400 is primarily designed for office environments where people have a need to output presentations, marketing and general business output, Fanning said that about 20 to 25 per cent of Xerox's total customer base for this type of product are also graphic designers. He attributes this high percentage to Xerox's historical strength in the design and publishing space, plus the printer's speed and ease of use.

"There simply is no other device out there in this class that's easier to use than the 8400," said Fanning.

Xerox's other offering is the Phaser 7750 laser printer. "It's a true graphic arts powerhouse," said Fanning.

The Phaser 7750 features 35 page per minute output – 46 per cent faster than the HP 9500, according to Xerox, which claims the Phaser 7750 is the world's fastest desktop colour laser printer. Powered by a 715MHz PowerPC G4 processor, the Phaser 7750 can output 1,200-x-1,200dpi resolution.

The printer includes colour-matching and colour-calibration software to help guarantee that what you see on the screen and what you'll see on your offset press is what the Phaser 7750 gives you. It can manage two-sided printing, separation pages, job offset, multiple job pipelining, and other capabilities.

Phaser 7750 colour laser printer models start at $5,599 (around £3,050). The 7750/GX model, which adds twice the RAM (512MB), a 20GB hard drive, 1,500 sheet lower tray deck and other capabilities, runs at $7,899 (£4,300).