Xerox has launched the Phaser EX7750 in collaboration with EFI. The Phaser EX7750 combines Xerox's Phaser 7750 A3+ colour laser printer with an EFI Fiery Color Server, which provides job and colour management and faster printing, according to Xerox.

The Phaser 7750 offers printing at up to 1,200dpi or 35ppm, with a first page out time of 11 seconds, according to Xerox. The printer features a 715MHz PowerPC processor, up to 1GB of RAM, and a 20GB hard disk. It offers true Adobe Postscript 3 support and has options allowing up to 3,150 sheets to be stored using five trays, as well as a finisher/stacker/stapler capable of handling up to 1,000 sheets.

The EFI Fiery EX7750 Colour Server has been tuned for the Phaser 7750, according to the company. It includes Fiery ColorWise for colour management, which offers advanced functionality such as auto-trapping for layering graphics and Spot-On® colour technology for colour accuracy, and Command WorkStation for queue and user management.

Pricing for the bundle begins at £13,049 plus VAT.