XChange UK has updated Multi Style II XT for QuarkXPress 8. Multi Style is a plug-in for designers working with tables, ad listings, catalogues, brochures, magazines, newspapers and other complex formatting activities. It allows users to swiftly copy and apply complex formatting.

With Multi Style XT, once the typographic settings (multistyles) have been defined, they can be copied and pasted onto unformatted text. Using Multi Style II, complex text formatting can be defined in a paragraph style and the formatting of a sequence of paragraphs can be copied onto another sequence of paragraphs.

Formatting that users can apply to text includes paragraph rules, drop caps, text colour, baseline shift, horizontal scaling,and more. A multistyle contains style attributes for one or more words or paragraphs. It is possible to specify various formatting styles within words and/or paragraphs. The text styles can be applied across a single page onto
unformatted text. Multi Style XT analyses the target text and applies the created multistyle based on (sub)field separators.