Xara has released Xara Xtreme Pro, an expanded version of its Xara Xtreme combination layout/vector graphics software aimed at creative professionals.

Xara says that Xtreme Pro is not designed to compete with the likes of InDesign, QuarkXPress or Flash authoring tools. It's a single tool for creating work that can used across print and online outputs.

Xtreme Pro includes all of the features of Xtreme, plus DTP-style layout tools with support for multi-page documents with double-page spreads. It also adds easy-to-use Flash animation creation, according to Xara.

New interoperability with other creative tools includes Photoshop PSD export and import – including mapping of PSD layers to Xara Xtreme and Xtreme layers to PSD layers with RGB, Lab, and CMYK support. TIFF import includes alpha channel support, while PDF import and export allows vector files to be shared with other applications, such as Illustrator.

Separate files

Enhanced pre-press capabilities include CMYK colour separations, on screen printer gamut simulation, on screen plate preview, spot colours, Pantone spot and process support. PDF export has been improved to include PDF transparency support of PDF versions 1.3 through 1.6, PDF font embedding and subsetting, and layer support. Xara files can be embedded in PDF files.

Other enhancements include a photo levels tool in the integrated Xara Picture Editor application.

Xara Xtreme Pro costs $199 (around £102).