Xara announced today a new release of Xara Xtreme and Xara Xtreme Pro, which the company claims is the world's fastest graphics program.

New in this version 4 release are fast non-destructive photo editing features, which Xara claims are 10 times faster than other graphics tools - and result in files 10 times smaller. The software gains real-time, fully shaded, 3D extrude tools and WYSIWYG Web site creation. This Supports free-form Web page design, 'anything anywhere' and advanced features such as text flow around shapes, mouse-over effects, and pop-ups.

The upgrade adds multi-core support to the Xtreme Pro version. Xtreme 4 is an average of 40 per cent faster and up to 80 per cent faster on dual-core processors.

Xara Xtreme costs $89 (around £45) and Xtreme Pro is only $249 (£125).