Work Club’s latest Nokia campaign, Game Over Bordom, is based around a microsite that positions the N85 as a gaming phone to a mid-range male gaming audience.

Check out the Nokia campaign, Game Over Bordom here.

Work Club chose to target transport and being on the move as a place where users are obviously most likely to want distraction whilst having their phone on them, rather than pitching the product against much more powerful home gaming systems.

The campaign’s central premise is based on the metaphor of a little black dog who plays, rips up boring newspapers and acts as a little friend. A launch set of ads were then created communicating the message: "have you seen my dog because he's awesome at golf" -- thereby introducing the dog and mobile gaming.

These were followed by a second set of ads where the dog attacks boring free papers on public transport. These drove consumers to a microsite where they could treat the dog in exactly the same manner in which a microsite usually treats a phone demo. For example, users can spin the dog in 3D and role over the product features.

Work Club’s creative partner, Andy Sandoz, said: "The Nokia N85 is a little black beast of a phone and the perfect antidote to boredom, tearing up free newspapers and barking at queues."