Motion graphic designer and film maker Will MacNeil has created a 30-second promotional film for human rights organization Liberty. MacNeil made the film voluntarily and contributed it to Liberty, with sound and colour grading donated by Unit. Where do they go? is a new campaign film about the right to privacy and it will be launching on Liberty’s website, the ITV Player and The Guardian website today.

Watch Where do they go? on YouTube now.

Aiming to show the importance of personal privacy, the film highlights in particular the threat posed by the government’s National Identity Register. By emphasising the government’s failure to keep our data safe, Liberty shows how a little bit of privacy is important to everyone.

MacNeil acted as creative, director, editor and animator, manipulating footage he shot himself on the streets of London. Using complex tracking, compositing work, and character animation, MacNeil transformed the footage into a story about piles of confidential papers flying out of office windows and freely roaming the streets in the shape of a human figure. Artists at Unit added a layers of foley effects and ambient sounds in ProTools as well as an intense colour grade in Apple Color to add to the film's dramatic punch.

Ending with the line 'Now Government is asking us to let them store even more of our private details... where will these wander off to?', the film seeks to generate support for opposition to the government’s planned identity card scheme. The voiceover for the film is provided by Simon Callow, who is a supporter of Liberty.

"The striking images that Will MacNeil has created in this film should remind us all how fragile and precious our personal privacy is," says Sabina Frediani, campaigns co-ordinator for Liberty. "ID cards are not, as the Government proposes, the magic bullet against terrorists, fraudsters, and illegal immigrants. In addition to the exorbitant financial cost, this scheme comes with immeasurable hidden costs to our privacy, race relations, and traditional freedoms.”