Apple has released version 4.5 of its WebObjects Web application server, which runs across many platforms – including Windows NT/2000, Mac OSX Server, and flavours of Unix including Solaris, HP-UX and HP-UX11. The new version includes updates to both the developer interface and the underlying server technology. In the former category is a new WebObjects Builder interface, which aims to shorten development times and lessen the application’s learning curve, and a Direct to Java Client tool for automating the process of creating Pure Java clients for online database interaction. On the technology front, XML support has been integrated (including for IBM alphaWorks parser), allowing the WebObjects server to communicate with other XML supporting systems. Application profiling tools have been added, letting applications monitor runtime environments dynamically – which improves performance by tweaking system settings ‘on-the-fly’. A back end LDAP adapter is also included in the new version.