Web 3D from 2D photographs

Following on from SIGGRAPH’s plethora of tools for creating 3D for the Web, Cycore and RealViz have announced that they are collaborating on a product to create Web-ready 3D objects from 2D photographs. Photo2Cult will bring together Cycore’s Cult3D technology with RealViz’s ImageModeler application. Cult3D is a 3D technology which allows interactive 3D objects to be inserted into Web pages and then manipulated in realtime by page viewers. ImageModeler takes 2D photographs and builds 3D environments based on them for export to 3D applications such as 3D Studio Max and Maya. ImageModeler works by getting users to place polygonal vertices on the page, which the package uses to create dimensionally-correct 3D scenes. Photo2Cult will use the same process, but only work export to Cycore’s Cult3D format. Pricing has not been announced, but the Photo2Cult should be released later this year.

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