Wacom pimps 21-inch Cintiq screen tablet

Wacom has debuted a new Cintiq display that you can draw on like a graphics tablet, the Cintiq 21UX.

The new remodelled Cintiq promises enhanced pen performance and innovative ergonomics for more creative control, comfort and productivity, insists Wacom.

According to Wacom, the new pen is capable of capturing the slightest nuance of pen pressure against the LCD surface, as well as offering 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, double that of the previous Cintiq. The Grip Pen also features a pressure-sensitive eraser and two side switches that can be customised for commands such as double-click and right-click.

With a new ergonomic design, the Cintiq comes with eight fully programmable ExpressKeys, located on each side of the display’s bezel, which Wacom insists are instrumental in helping improve workflow and boost productivity by placing commonly used application-specific commands close to hand.

Pressing the top ExpressKey loads an on-screen display showing the settings of all the ExpressKeys and Touch Strips, minimising dependence on the keyboard whilst maintaining focus on the pen hand.

Also new to the Cintiq 21UX is the introduction of two user-defined Touch Strips, located on the back of the bezel and the two Touch Strip Toggle buttons which control the function of the associated Touch Strip.

An illuminated LED on the perimeter of the Toggle button indicates the current function of the corresponding Touch Strip. Fully application-specific, the Touch Strips can be used for up to four functions such as zoom, scroll, brush size adjustment and canvas rotation per application.

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