Wacom on Monday introduced its new Graphire3 tablet input device. Aimed at USB-equipped Macs and PCs, the new system will be available in three different colours and two different sizes. The Graphire3 package includes a cordless and battery-less pen with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and an "eraser". Also included is a cordless, battery-free two-button mouse with scrollwheel that works on the same principle. The Graphire3 is plug-&-play compatible with Apple Computer's Inkwell handwriting recognition technology, built into Mac OS X v10.2, Jaguar. The Graphire3 tablet is available in Sapphire Blue, Pearl White and Graphite Gray. It's also available in two different sizes – 4-x-5-inches (10.2-x-12.7-centimetres) or 6-x-8-inches (15.2-x-20.3-centimetres). The Graphire3 also features a transparent "Photo Frame", which enables users to customize their tablet with photos, drawings and artwork. Alternately, the Photo Frame can be used to trace pictures and illustrations. Also new to the Graphire3 is an integrated pen storage compartment and pen stand. Wacom anticipates that the Graphire3 tablets will be available this month. The 4-x-5-inch (10.2 by 12.7-centimetres) unit carries a suggested retail price of $99.95 (around £70) and the 6-x-8-inch (15.2-x-20.3-centimetres) model costs $199.95 (around £130). The Graphire3 comes with a software bundle that includes Adobe Photoshop Elements v1.0, Painter Classic by Corel and penPalette LE by nik multimedia. The driver CD also includes tutorial information and an electronic user's manual.