E-on has released details about new expansion modules for adding Vue 4 Professional features to Vue 5 Esprit.

E-on also announced that for the upcoming version 5 release of their professional 3D landscape solution, scheduled for early 2005, the name will change from Vue Professional to Vue Infinite.

The expansion modules available are Botanica, DeepAccess and LightTune, derived from Vue 4 Professional technologies. E-on claims they will provide Vue 5 Esprit users with the opportunity to gradually add new features and power to their base package.

Botanica, the plant edition module will allow Vue 5 Esprit users to edit existing plants, create new plant species and save them as new vegetation templates.

The DeepAccess Advanced Browsing module will enhance the World Browser to display a list of objects, materials and links, as well as allowing the incorporation of textures, the replacement of objects and the automatic re-importing of modified meshes such as Poser characters.

The LightTune module will give Vue 5 Esprit users access to more advanced lighting features, such as selective lighting, shadow maps, custom lighting profiles.

Botanica, DeepAccess, LightTune and Mover 5 will be available for purchase separately or as a bundle but only US pricing has currently been released. Mover 5 costs $99, (around £53), Botanica costs $69 (£37), Deep Access costs $59 (£32) LightTune costs $39 (£21).

Vue 5 Esprit itself costs $249 (£132) and a Pro Studio bundle is available including all four modules and Vue 5 Esprit for $399 (£212). Vue 5 Infinite will cost $599 (£318).