E-on Software has announced the immediate availability of a trial version of Vue 4 Professional, its natural 3D scenery studio application.

"Now CG artists and animators will gain a better understanding of the benefits that a dedicated 3D environment creation tool will bring to their projects," said Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software.

Vue 4 Professional allows you to create 3D scenery in a production-oriented layout. It features the ability to import and export all standard graphic file formats, synchronization with other 3D applications, high-end compositing options, advanced rendering capabilities, and OpenGL previewing. The application also includes 100 predefined environments, more than 30 species of plants, and the ability to fly through your creations and even animate them.

The demo, which never expires after you activate it by registering online, excludes the ability to save, limits rendering to 640 x 480 resolution and animation to five seconds, and doesn't allow exporting. You can download it from the e-on software Web site.