NewTek has released Service Pack 1 for VT4, its integrated video production suite for live broadcasting otherwise known as Video Toaster.

The key new feature in SP1 is colour matching, which offers the ability to match the colour of multiple clips to a single reference frame. SP1 also includes the ability to play back audio clips before conforming has completed, the ability to write separate audio files from VT-Edit for each audio channel and italics support for image layers in VT-Edit, and separate shadow layer.

VT-Stream now supports PRX for Windows Media profiles and VT also now supports the .DVD format for raw DV data files. NewTek also claims that the service pack offers improved performance across the board, and in particular when displaying icons on large number of stills.

Video Toaster also now offers better optimised native reading of compressed DV audio from files and better error checking for DV. The VGA Screen capture now updates alpha channel in real-time, allowing for improved DSK use, NewTek claims.

VT4 provides real-time layering and effects for live video and graphics in most PC file formats and operates internally in uncompressed D1 component video, with composite, Y/C, component, DV or optional SDI output. The suite includes integrated timeline and storyboard editing, paint, 3D modeling and animation, titling, keying and live switching.