The V&A and onedotzero have come together to celebrate cutting-edge digital and interactive work in an exhibition titled Decode: Digital Design Sensations, which starts today.

Decode offers up a whole host of styles from screen-based graphics to large-scale, immersive installations. It features works by Daniel Brown, Golan Levin, Daniel Rozin, Troika, Benetton’s studio Fabrica and Simon Hejidens.

Alongside exhibits in the museum in South Kensington, Decode sees the debut of the V&A’s first online commissions. There are three main strands. The Code as a Raw Material covers self-contained work that uses computer code as a ‘malleable substance’. It features a new piece from Daniel Brown, as part of his On Growth and Form series, in which Brown uses advanced mathematics to imagine strange new plants that grow and evolve (below).

Interactivity includes works where the viewer influences its creation. Daniel Rozin is displaying Weave Mirror, a responsive sculpture that recreates an image of the viewer on its 768 motorized planes. A smoky portrait comes into focus as the planes rotate into place.

The final theme, The Network, brings together works that reach outside the walls of the museum, with pieces ranging from live, real-time visualizations of flight patterns by Aaron Koblin (below) to Jonathan Harris and Sep Kemvar’s, We Feel Fine, extracts comments by bloggers from all over the world on how they are feeling and represents the information as colourful, floating spheres.

Decode runs until April 11.