Sonic Foundry has announced Vegas Video, the audio company’s first foray in the realm of desktop video editing. The product is a DV editing suite aimed at users producing video for the Internet and multimedia applications. Vegas Video features unlimited tracks of video, with each track featuring its own A and B subsections. It can work with a variety of input formats – including D1, DV and DVCam – and offers tools to work with these such as pixel shape compensation and deinterlacing. The suite is just as well gifted when it comes to outputting – featuring support for RealVideo 7, Windows Media, QuickTime 4 and MP3. As you would expect from Sonic Foundry, it also includes a full set of audio tools based on the company’s Vegas audio editing tool. DV can be inputted and output through any Windows-compliant FireWire card. For this the product contains a full set of capture and print to tape features. Vegas Video is currently in beta, but pricing and release details are not known yet. Sonic Foundry has also announced Viscosity, which offers Web artists access to image preparation and animation creation in a single application. It can optimize media in GIF, JPEG and AVI formats – and can create banners, buttons, rollover effects and dynamic clip art. Effects and optimization effects can also be played back in realtime. Viscosity can also be integrated into editing applications such as Vegas Video. It is currently available and should cost around £120.