Virtools has announced that it is now possible to export elements from Softimage|XSI directly into the Virtools Dev 3 environment.

The new exporter, currently a public beta version, offers the ability to export characters, scenes, objects and animations created with Softimage|XSI directly to Virtools Dev 3, and was demonstrated at the Montreal Game Summit earlier this month.

The Virtools Software Suite is a platform for prototyping, developing and deploying highly-interactive 3D content and is used for games, VR/simulation and multimedia.

“With the power of these two established 3D solutions now working together, our customers have the capability to produce the richest 3D content, from creation to interaction authoring”, said Virgile Delporte of Virtools.

Alan Waxenberg of Softimage added: “Softimage's goal is to supply artists and developers with the easy-to-use tools needed to produce the most compelling 3D content possible. By bringing the power of XSI digital content creation to Virtools' comprehensive interactive 3D development platform, artists and developers can now get the best of both worlds.”

The public beta of the exporter is available to download from the Virtools Web site for registered users.