A new release of the 3D file format software and technology, quick3D has been released. Version 3.0 provides an intuitive interface for processing file data including scale, texture maps, surface properties, and other details and the real-time rendering engine has also been improved for an even faster frame rate, higher display quality, and ease of use. Quick3D 3.0 offers the ability to freely convert between various 3D file formats with a high degree of accuracy. Twenty of the most common 3D file formats are now supported for import and export. Low-level control over a file’s data and properties are provided through menu commands, or can be automated using the command-line interface. Included are tools for changing a file’s scale, vertex normals, texture maps, and surface properties, among others. This version also introduces a command-line based user interface, which allows users to bypass the regular graphical interface. Available for Windows, there are two versions of quick3D – the free quick3D 3.0 Viewer and the $189.00 full version of quick3D 3.0. These two products are exactly the same, except that quick3D 3.0 Viewer does not have export features and does not have a command-line interface. Download and order information can be found at the quick3D Web site.