Vellum Software has released Designer Elements – a new family of competitively priced CAD/design products, each tailored to specific professional requirements. While continuing to support Vellum’s well established industrial design customer base, this new product line is also targeted at professionals doing 3D Web, print and broadcast content creation. Available on both Macintosh and Windows, prices range from £345 to £2,795. The Designer Elements family of products includes: Graphite – a 2D and 3D drafting tool that costs £695 plus VAT; Argon – an entry-level solid modelling product with free-form NURBS surfaces and solids. It sells for £695 plus VAT; Xenon – a high-end tool for industrial designers, with history-based 3D model modification and associative 2D mechanical drafting. It costs £1,995 plus VAT; Cobalt – a high-end design and development tool, with an advanced engineering tool set built directly on the technologies used in Argon and Xenon. It costs £2,795 plus VAT; Neon – a 3D publishing tool. which directly utilizes high-end 3D models to create marketing models, renderings and animations for the Web or print, including Web formats such as Shockwave 3D. It sells for £345 plus VAT. Robert Bou, president of Ashlar-Vellum, says, "We have taken our former product line, including Vellum Solids, expanded its power and rolled out fresh, superior products, including our new flagship, Cobalt. But some customers don't need all the power of our top end program. Xenon and Argon are now available to fulfil their needs. By offering a varying array of products at keen price points, Ashlar-Vellum gives design professionals exactly the tools they need for their particular job”.