Veer adds dozens of new fonts

Stock library Veer has announced that it has added a raft of new fonts to its typeface collection, including a number of exclusive faces and designs by cult designers Alejandro Paul and Rian Hughes.

Alejandro Paul is an award-winning font designer whose work has won him recognition from the Bienal Tipos Latinos in Latin America, and the Type Directors Club in the US. Veer describes one of Paul's new faces, Business Penmanship, as "an ode to a bygone era’s obsession with elegant business handwriting".

The font -- which is exclusive to Veer -- comprises over 1,200 characters including igatures, alternates and a large set of beginning and end extensions and ornaments.

Other new fonts include:
· Replay by Stefan Hattenbach, a revival of a classic 18th-century type by William Caslon. It has a display weight, three upright weights and three italic weights, each including small caps, multiple sets of numerals, swash variants, extra ligatures and an elegant set of ornaments.

· Martian Text by Jason Walcott, a highly stylized geometric font based on circles, which evokes both a futuristic and Art Deco style.

· Paralucent Text by Rian Hughes, a new cut of the original Paralucent, has been re-tooled in response to the increased demand for this type at small text sizes. The type now includes wider tracking, more open counters and increased space between stroke and bowl. It is available in a simple and useful four-weight package: Book, Book Italic, Bold and Bold Italic, in Opentype with full CE support.

“Scripts continue to be a big trend, becoming more and more elaborate, and always pushing the font technology farther along,” says Joe Newton, Product Manager, Type for Veer. “Alejandro’s Business Penmanship is a great example of how these fonts automatically substitute different glyphs based on context and proximity to other letters. We’ve added a lot of other new faces that support other popular trends such as geometric sans serifs, Victorian-style fonts, woodtype and the like.”

Other recent Veer fonts include Adios, Semilla, Theorem and Biographer by Alejandro Paul; Beauchef by Juan Pablo De Gregorio; De Soto by Stephen Rapp; Moped and Phaeton by Randy Jones; dozens of new faces from the outstanding French type foundry Porchez Typofonderie; and 40 new typefaces from TypeTrust.

For more information visit the Veer website.

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