Adobe has launched an update to its Web editing and animation packages GoLive and LiveMotion. GoLive 6.0 adds a suite of tools for improving Web-design workflow, managing Web sites, plus providing tighter links to other publishing tools to create what Adobe bills as a solution that "brings together" different media types. New tools for designing and developing a site feature, including a Smart Objects, which lets designers integrate a range of file formats into a site, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Shockwave files. A site-diagramming tool has been added, with designers able to share site diagrams, with controls allowing it to be incorporated or withdrawn from a Web site. Export links to Adobe Illustrator for hard copies of the diagram also feature. GoLive also features a customizable interface, including support for dual-monitor set-ups. Other interface features include new wizards, including a Dynamic Content Wizard for simplified setting-up of dynamic Web sites. Web server tools Included with the release is the Web Workgroup Server – Adobe's new site management and collaboration tool. The server lets designers track changes, manage and share files for a site - including checking files in and out, plus managing site-wide links. Adobe says files and site states can be rolled back to previous versions, and the entire site can be managed via a Web browser. Other features include XML links to Adobe's DTP tool InDesign 2.0, JavaScript control to customize the application interface, and Master Templates that can lock parts of a Web page to prevent editing. The company has also added to GoLive's deployment capabilities. Headlining the deployment features is the ability to design for wireless devices using WML for WAP and i-Mode. GoLive 6.0 includes emulators for Nokia and i-Mode phones. Other deployment features include the ability to check code against W3C standards, native support for common scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, and JSP, plus full QuickTime 5.0 editing. It is available on Windows and Mac OS, including Mac OS X, and Adobe says it will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2002. It will cost around £299 plus VAT. Adobe's new motion Adobe today also revealed LiveMotion 2.0 - and update to its interactive Web-animation tool. LiveMotion creates Macromedia Flash files, plus QuickTime output for the Web. Adobe says the new version includes better integration with other Web-design tools. New content tools include support for ActionScript for creating interactive content, XML-based chat rooms, online games, and complete Web applications. File-format support has been extended, with the ability to export QuickTime movies for streaming on the Web, MP3 export to Flash, and optimized Flash file export. Adobe says it has revamped the workflow tools in LiveMotion, with new features including a script editor, debugger, and Live Tabs - options that customize LiveMotion to the way an individual designer works. Integration with Photoshop and Illustrator has been improved says the company. Adobe says it takes just two steps to drag-&-drop an Illustrator file into LiveMotion and convert it into animation-ready independent objects. Artwork updated in Photoshop or Illustrator can be automatically updated in LiveMotion. Other links include better ties with After Effects, such as the ability to integrate After Effects projects into LiveMotion, and integration with GoLive. LiveMotion 2.0 will ship for Windows and Mac OS (including Mac OS X) in the first quarter of 2002. It will cost around £299, plus VAT.