University of Plymouth plans Graphic Expressionism exhibition

The University of Plymouth will be showcasing the work of 13 digital artists creating 'generative art' in what it says is the first major exhibition of its type in the UK.

Graphic Expressionism will feature 60 pieces of art created by graphic designers and artists using computer software programmes that generate art dynamically based on other images and chosen parameters.

Organizers Peninsula Arts say that advances in the reproduction quality of digital printing, combined with improvements in fade resistant inks, has enabled them to produce work with clarity, consistency and precision that would simply not be possible using traditional mediums.

The Fall Process by Jess Hartridge

Balcony Sunshine by Tom Barwick

Allsorts by Roger M Payne

Off The Hook by Tom Barwick

Exhibition organiser Roger Payne says that "There is a wealth of creative talent which, on a daily basis, addresses and resolves the needs of the client brief. ‘Graphic Expressionism’ provides the encouragement and opportunity for them to exhibit their ‘free’ creative thinking."

The exhibition, in the University’s Cube³ Gallery, runs from September 21 to October 16.

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