Electric Image has released version 3.1 of its Universe 3D modelling, animation and rendering suite. The update is for all three versions of the product – Windows, Mac and Solaris – and also adds a Mac OS X version of the Universe rendering engine, Camera. The company claims that the OS X version of Camera renders up to 20 per cent faster than under OS 9. Universe 3.1 can render directly under OS X or over a network via the software’s free unlimited render licence system. The company has also announced that it expects to have the whole of Universe application running under OS X by the end of summer. The update is not limited to OS X though. According to Electric Image, Universe 3.1 also offers around 10 per cent faster rendering overall on all three standard OSs, with the rendering of raytrace shadows up by up to 30 per cent. There’s also faster drawing in all view windows, a new marquee tool for objects in the project window and additions to the model import options. The 3.1 upgrade can be downloaded from the Electric Image Universe website. The company has also announced an upgrade deal for owners of the recently-released 3D Toolkit training tool from dvGarage, which includes a full copy of the Mac-only Electric Image 2.9.2 suite but only costs $199. Owners of 3D Toolkit can get an upgrade to Universe 3.1 for $1,295. Electric Image Universe costs $1,995 as a standalone package.