U & I Software has released its ArtMatic Voyager software, a 3D landscape creation tool. The company claims that the application is a new take on 3D landscape creation that makes use of the ArtMatic graphic synthesis technology to create photo-realistic landscapes of imaginary worlds. U & I Software says that Voyager lets you create entire planets. Using new non-polygonal techniques for rendering, ArtMatic Voyager allows illustrators and graphic designers in need of landscape backgrounds to create realistic or fantasy scenery, which can be animated. The software features several built-in planets that can be explored and edited by the user. Settings like sun colour and angle, sea and snow levels, haze, and humidity can all be customized, as well as the position of the camera. The company has updated its ArtMatic Pro software to version 3.5, and this can be used in conjunction with Voyager to create planets and landscapes from scratch. Version 3.5 of the software includes over 70 new and updated components, according to U & I. Live audio input is possible, there is a new geographical clut shader, and frequency dependent, adaptive-resolution fractal noise functions. ArtMatic Voyager costs $129 (around £90), while ArtMatic Pro 3.5 costs $299 (around £200).