The Birmingham Institute of Art & Design and UKType have teamed up to produce a short animation, Baskerville, celebrating the life and work of Brum-bred typographer Baskerville; they're currently seeking type designers and other creatives to participate in a day's filming.

Typographers, lettering artists, calligraphers and graphic designers are wanted for September 22 for the day-long session. Artists will be recorded while creating individual letters through drawing, carving, printing and incising. The letters will be used in a multi-screen installation spelling out the name Baskerville.

Filming will take place in the Milo Studio, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, Gosta Green, Corporation Street,
Birmingham. If you'd like to take part, email Caroline Archer ([email protected]) or David Osbaldestin ([email protected]).

The film will be premiered at the Hello Digital festival, which takes place in Birmingham October 23-26.