Adobe has announced six new OpenType font families for use within publishing tools such as the company’s InDesign page layout package. The new families consist of ‘Pro’ versions of three existing fonts – Garamond Pro, Tekton Pro and Myriad Pro – and three new designs – Calcite Pro, Silentium Pro and Warnock Pro. OpenType is a font format developed by Adobe in collaboration with Microsoft. It is designed to include features that are not found in conventional font formats, but which are of significant importance to designers. These include being wrapped in a single, cross-platform file; an expanded character set based on Unicode for multiple-language support, built-in support for Windows 2000 and smaller font files sizes. OpenType fonts also have advanced typographical features such as support for many alternative glyphs – including oldstyle figures, small capitals and swashes – in a single font file. The fonts cost between around £40 and around £200.