UMAX has launched two new PowerLook scanners, one of which is the first to add FireWire support. The A4 PowerLook 1100 is, claims UMAX, the first professional scanner to offer support for FireWire. This should make installation and maintaince of the scanner a lot easier – as there are none of the issues such as termination devices or pre-assigned addresses that users get with SCSI devices. Using FireWire should also enable twice as fast connection speeds. However, this means the scanner will only work with newer machines that have the FireWire port and software – such as Apple G4s and G3s, and systems running Windows 2000 and Windows 98 second edition. Other features of the scanner include a 3.4Dmax for fine details, a 10,600 element tri-linear CCD (giving a 1200x2400 dpi), and an effective 42-bit output through UMAX’s Bit Enhancement Technology. A transparency adapter is also included, as is an auto-detect frame holder for automatic scanning of up to twelve 35mm slides (with batch scanning capabilities built-in). It will cost £799 plus VAT. Also launched is the SCSI-2 based A3 PowerLook 2100XL. This offers a resolution of 800x1600, a transparency adapter with slide holder and a reduced number of components – which UMAX says reduces the unit’s signal to noise ration and, by this, improves scanned image quality. Pricing has not yet been announced.