Tweak Films offshoot launches RV film-res playback software

Tweak Software has released RV, the company’s first commercially available software package. RV is a highly customizable cross-platform image and sequence viewer that is capable of playing-back uncompressed film resolution clips.

RV is a real-time, film resolution, high-dynamic-range image and sequence viewer for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The application can play back uncompressed film resolution sequences, and includes native support for stereo 3D. RV combines a flexible architecture and a hardware accelerated compositing pipeline with a lean, polished design tailored to professional digital artists.

Key features of RV include real-time playback for desktop, dailies and projection; a customizable, extensible architecture; and real-time hardware colour correction. It has a high-dynamic range, floating point image pipeline; advanced colour management with support for OpenEXR-style linear-light scene-referred workflow; and native stereoscopic 3D support. It supports multi-channel audio with real-time floating point re-sampling, and an open-source session file format (with Python/C++ tools)

RV is the first application to be commercially released from Tweak Software. It was developed by artists, for artists, to handle the company’s own high-end VFX projects. Founders Jim Hourihan and Seth Rosenthal spun off Tweak Software from Tweak Films in 2007. Tweak Films earned a VES Award for work on the memorable New York tidal wave sequence in The Day After Tomorrow and a Hong Kong Film award for VFX on Hero.

RV is coming to market in a release version 3.4, having undergone multiple generations of development for internal use at Tweak Films. To date, RV has benefited Tweak’s projects as well as projects for a select group of major effects facilities, including WETA Digital, which adopted a pre-release version in 2006.

RV costs US$299 (around £151) per node-locked license and $369 (£187) per floating license.

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