TrueSpace 5 has been announced by Caligari, with the 3D-software makers pledging a full suite of NURBS-based modelling tools, "physically" realistic rendering, and advanced surfacing features. A new user interface will debut, according to Caligari, featuring context-based direct manipulation editing and a Magic Ring for interactive editing of primitve shapes. The addition if NURBS-based modelling tools will be welcome, according to users. New tools include NURBS-based Sweeps, Rails, Lofts, Skinning and Cross-sections. Also new are real-time subdivision surfaces, and NURBS Geometry Paint so users can "paint" NURBS surface geometry in real-time. A completely revamped Materials Editor and new incremental image rendering technology will feature, says the company. 3D paint tools will be able to paint on textured surfaces in real-time. Caligari is promoting its "physically" accurate rendering in the new version - something the company says will offer faster rendering coupled with better image quality and lower memory use. Available in Autumn for Windows 95/98/2000 and NT, UK pricing has yet to be set.