Autodesk has announced an upgraded version of its Toxik collaborative compositing software. Toxik 2007 gains an interactive paint system, increased interoperability with other Autodesk products, optimized support for AMD processors, and more.

The Paint module offers interactive painting of high-resolution, high-dynamic-range imagery (HDRI), which contains more extensive colour and lighting information than traditional stills and frames. According to Autodesk, the new Paint feature simplifies many of the common tasks faced by digital artists, such as the removal of unwanted objects like wires and rigs from a scene, retouching and digital matte painting. The Paint feature also allows artists to view downstream composites in context.

Toxik 2007 includes the Master Keyer, which subscribers to Toxik's support scheme received last year. Autodesk says that these tools simplify complex keying tasks, improve keying and tracking precision, and allow artists to refine mattes and masks faster and with greater control.

Toxik 2007 will ship in the summer for Windows and Linux platforms. Pricing begins at £6,085 plus VAT for one creative seat plus a year's subscription.