A notebook computer equipped with desktop processing power and the ability to send diagnostic data to technicians is among the new releases announced today by Toshiba. "The Tecra 8100 with the 750 MHz processor allows users to get the fastest CPU possible in the mobile space," said Craig Marking, product manager for the Tecra and Portege lines of notebooks at Toshiba. The Tecra 8100 also includes the new VirtualTech feature, an interactive e-support function that can quickly send a full system report to a Toshiba technician, who then can diagnose a problem without the user having to answer a string of questions, said Marc Tanguay, director of product marketing for portables. "The active menu component and database communicate over a satellite system with a database on Toshiba servers and the machine can get updated without an IT staffer touching it, all at no cost to the consumer," Tanguay said. The Tecra 8100 is available immediately for about £2,850. Notebooks in the Portege and Satellite Pro series will be ready for shipping by the end of the month and pricing starts at around £1,300, Marking said.