Toshiba has claimed a breakthrough in hard-disk drive technology with the announcement of a new PC card-based drive that boasts storage capacity of 2GB. The card, which Toshiba says will begin shipping in commercial quantities in July, contains a 1.8-inch hard-disk drive - the first such drive developed by the Tokyo-based electronics giant. Measuring no more than a standard Type II PC card, the drive weighs 55g and, according to Toshiba, represents the world's highest capacity 1.8 inch hard-disk drive. Toshiba envisages the card will be used not just by notebook computer owners who might be looking for extra storage space or an easy to use removable storage system, but also for applications such as hand-held mobile terminals and a host of digital products from video and still cameras to music players. Samples of the device are already available on an OEM basis.