Toshiba has announced the development of a new memory chip that promises to make possible higher capacity SmartMedia cards and thus allow digital camera users to store more images and MP3 player users more music on their memory cards. The new 512Mbit NAND flash memory chip was produced using a 0.16 micron production process jointly developed by Toshiba and Sandisk, the Japanese company said in a statement. Eyeing its use in SmartMedia cards, which are only 0.76mm thick, the company packaged the chip in a TSOP (thin small outline package). With the new chips, two laid alongside each other, Toshiba has been able to produce a 128MB SmartMedia card - double the size of the previous largest capacity card. The company is also planning to produce a 1Gbit memory device by stacking two of the chips on top of each other. Toshiba plans to begin mass production of the device and a 64MB Smart Media card incorporating it in November this year while the 128MB SmartMedia card and 1Gbit memory will enter mass production in December.