Top designers and illustrators collaborate for If You Could

This year's iteration of design agency HudsonBec's If You Could project is If You Could Collaborate, which brings together designers and illustrators to create projects across disciplines from prints and posters to sculpture and film.

"This year we are challenging our contributors to produce something a little more unexpected," says Alex Bec and Will Hudson in an email, "facilitating the opportunity for these artists to create a piece of work that they may never have had the excuse to before. They are free to work with someone of their choosing from any discipline, profession or background. Unlike previous years, there are no boundaries to what kind of work can be produced."

The first 10 pairings have been announced, which include Digital Arts cover artist Craig Ward teaming up with Pentagram partner Paula Scher, and Chrissie Macdonald and Marie O’Connor from the Peepshow Collective working together.

The list is filled out with Hvass&Hannibal and Tove Nielse, Mr Ian Wright and Riitta Ikonen, Jim Stoten and Bill Williams, Jody Barton and Nick Arnold, Julien Vallée and Nicholas Burrows from Nous Vous, Karl Grandin and And Beyond, Kim Hiorthøy and Ben Drury, and Oliver Jeffers and Aaron Ruff.

More collaborators will be announced soon. The created works will be shown at the Rochelle School Gallery in East London in early 2010.

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