The Top 10 Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials of 2009

Use type as a creative effect in Photoshop
Unlock the power of Photoshop's Distort tool to create this enigmatic image.

Create scorching effects in Photoshop
Fake an image of a burning man in Photoshop with these flaming brilliant techniques from Fabio Sasso.

Make smashing glass effects in Photoshop
Master a convincing shattering-glass effect that has dozens of applications with this brilliant technique from Mark Mayers.

Design amazing mosaic effects in Illustrator and Photoshop
This tutorial shows how to create a cool look using Illustrator’s Symbols and Global Colors.

Create incredible 3D type-based infographic art in Illustrator
Learn how to use Illustrator to create 3D technical-style illustrated lettering for artwork and infographics.

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