Toon Boom Studio, the 2D Web-animation software from the company of the same name, has been updated to version 1.2, adding "Save As" and "Close" commands. In addition, the software has been retooled so it can be localized for international audiences. The new Save As command saves an animation set with a new name in a new location. The Close command closes a current animation project without having to open or create a new animation set or exit Toon Boom Studio. If there are unsaved changes in a project, a user is asked if the changes should be saved before it closes. And, the software’s code has been re-tooled to support Unicode, making it easier to prepare for international customers. Toon Boom Studio 1.2 can open animation projects created with any version of Toon Boom Studio. However, previous versions of Toon Boom Studio won't open version 1.2 files. Toon Boom Studio runs on Mac OS X 10.1 or Windows, and works with Wacom tablets. Info on updating to version 1.2 can be found at the Toon Boom Web site.