Toon Boom Technologies has released the second version of its Web-animation tool. The package uses techniques taken from the company’s high-end cel animation suite, USAnimation – as used in TV programmes and movies such as The Rugrats – to create animations in Flash format (SWF). Toon Boom Studio V2 expands on the first release’s cinematic approach to animation, says the company. The package’s 3D Sceneplanning environment has been expanded to include colour transform and clipping effects, and allows motion point properties to be copied and pasted. Users can track the timing of each object, maximizing the reuse of recurring images. The drawing facilities now include a Polyline tool for creating closed-vector shapes. Shapes can be painted with bitmap textures in V2, with automatic gap closing and auto-painting available to speed up the paint process. The application can also optimize vector shapes for Web output. TBS V2 has automated the lip-synching process, mapping lip charts to mouth drawings without requiring any user input. Sound scrubbing is now possible, making fine-tuning of lip-synching easier. The application also now supports streaming sound files. Other new features in TBS V2 include QuickTime export, and more optimization options for SWF files – including support for exported media links. Toon Boom Studio V2 is available for Windows and Mac OS X, and costs $374 for the boxed edition or $349 for download. Upgrades from the first version costs $129 for the boxed edition and $99 for download.