Toon Boom has announced the launch of Concerto, an animation and production workflow system for large collaborative projects, based on the USAnimation OPUS system. Toon Boom claims that Concerto offers studios increased productivity, raises animation quality and eliminates file management issues.

Concerto enables studios to work in one single, integrated pipeline, create fewer drawings due to high level of re-use, and rely on a robust file management system, the company claims, giving performance efficiencies in the management of assets and workflow and providing greater creative control.

Concerto adds the following key features to the USAnimation OPUS feature set: advanced keyframing, sound scrubbing and the ability to draw directly in 3D scene-planning. An asset library helps to increase the animation reuse.

Mercury Filmworks used a beta version of Concerto for the production of Mischief City, a series of thirteen 30-minute episodes. Mischief City technical director Christian Laroque said that “the integration of the animation tools into the larger OPUS framework offers a consolidated production pipeline and seamless end-to-end management of our digital assets … [Using Concerto] it’s easier to track, store, and control the animation elements throughout each stage of the workflow allowing more time to create higher quality animation.”