Newtek has released the details of version 2 of its Video Toaster video editing solution. Aimed for an autumn launch, Video Toaster 2 adds a whole host of features and tools. The most physically apparent addition in the new version is a full-sized breakout box.

This includes support for 8-input, 4-output Component, Y/C or Composite; which can upgraded to up to 24 Composite inputs if necessary. It also includes machine control through 3 RS-422 ports for playback or record decks. The breakout box also doubles up as a live production switcher using software controls. The design mimics a hardware switcher: with items like a T-bar or downstream key in the usual places. Also new are applications such as a Storyboard editor, character generator and Universal Encoder.

The first of these is a basic editing package for arranging materials quickly before transferring to in:sync’s Speed Razor SE for full-on non-linear editing. The character generator supports TrueType fonts and contains features for glows, shadows and variable transparency. It can also work with video clips running in the background..

The Universal Encoder works within Windows Explorer and allows video (AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2), audio and still image to be converted. Batch processing is possible – with options for field removal, re-scaling, black bar removal and automatic aspect correction.

Hundreds of real-time digital video effects have been added, which can be customized using features taken from LightWave 3D. Also included is the ability to export to Microsoft’s ASF streaming format, a full-functional vectorscope, a keying palette and improved asset management functions.