Boris has announced version 2.0 of its Graffiti titling tool. According to the company Graffiti 2.0 is the only vector-based titling package on the market that’s integrated with editing and compositing applications. Vector-based is new in version 2.0 of Graffiti. It provides sharp text at any resolution – and also allows export to Flash format files (.swf) of both static and animation titles. The path tools have been enhanced to allow animation of both the path shape and the text position of text on a path. Type On allows skew, tumble, spin, rotate, scale, opacity and position to be applied progressively using a single click. Audio Import has been added, with an audio track that includes timeline waveform display and level controls. This is designed to make tying animation to audio easier, as well as providing a reference point. Other features include 27 apply modes for each layer, motion blur, particle filters and the SmartView technology for automatically the host application’s timeline. Graffiti 2.0 also supports all forms of After Effects plug-ins, allowing them to be used in all host applications. Boris Graffiti runs under many products including After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Canopus Storm Edit, DPS Velocity, Fast studio.DV, Speed Razor, Media Studio Pro and Incite. It costs £375 plus VAT. The Professional version adds support for Avid Xpress, Xpress DV, Media Composer, Symphony, Discreet edit*, Fast purple and silver, Media 100 i and iFinish, and Sony ES-3. It costs £730 plus VAT. Both versions also support Open GL and dual processor set-ups under both Windows and MacOS, where Altivec for G4s is also supported.