check out this coffee table that's been styled after a Nintendo NES controller. And the best part, it can actually be used to play the NES.

I always love the level in video games where your character gets shrunk to an itty-bitty size and then has to take on all the standard enemies and obstacles – you know, kinda like Mario Cart. If you'd like to feel like you've entered this type of level while indulging in some Nintendo fun, this table is for you

This coffee table from Charles Lushear's Bohemian Workbench store on Etsy is made of maple, mahogany and walnut. It has a glass top that allows it to function as a coffee table, but simply remove the glass top, pull out the retractable cord located underneath the table and plug it into your Nintendo NES, and you're all set to play your favorite classic video game.

Check out the table in action in the video below.

If you want this incredibly awesome table, you better hurry on over to Etsy – only one is available for purchase. Stop reading--go now!