Amapi developer TGS is to merge with Eovia, a company set up in November 2000 to develop and sell Carrara, which was originally created by Metacreations and then sold when the company ditched its product line to become Web3D technology company Metastream. Carrara is a 3D modelling and animation package that was well received when released last April but has slowly disappeared since Metacreations stopped making it. Although it has some crossover with the modelling-only Amapi, the as-yet-unnamed merged company will continue to sell both products. A new version of Carrara is expected in the middle of this year, with more detailed information expected to be announced soon. TGS recently announced version 6 of its Amapi 3D modelling, animation and rendering package. The next version of the app will include the company’s 3Space technology, which allows 3D content to placed within Web sites using the proprietary 3Space browser plug-in. 3Space allows users of Amapi 3D v6 to associate dynamic and interactive behaviours onto objects. It can also create the elements to place the interactive object within a Web page in HTML, XML and the ZAP Web 3D format. This allows full 3D scenes to be created with many objects that can interact with each other, for example bouncing off each other, and are affected by physical laws such as gravity and wind. Amapi 3D v6 also includes new modelling tools, called NatureLike Tools. These include elevation maps, tension controls, peturbation tools, projections tools and more smoothing tools. It also adds import and export formats such as OBJ, OpenInventor and STL. An integrated rendering module with a redesigned interface has been added for faster raytracing. The interface allows the specification of all parameters of the scene in a single screen: whether for objects, cameras, lights or textures. Pricing details and a release date for Amapi 3D v6 have not yet been released.