Terran ships Cleaner 5

Terran Interactive has released version 5 of its Cleaner video encoding and preparation software, previously released under the Name of Media Cleaner Pro. Key to the release is the ability to add HTML functions and interactivity directly to movie clips. A revamped interface features, as does support for MPEG-2 and close ties with the Media 100i editing and authoring platform. All settings are now on one screen under tabbed headings, with features such as encoding, cropping, setting in and out points available from a central window of click-down folders. The move should boost workflow, according to the company, and is designed to speed the creation and running of batch DV processing. Other workflow enhancements include the ability to set different destination folders for each batch process – letting users quickly set up processing for a range of outputs, such as Web, CD and broadcast. Once complete, Web-video producers will be able to upload files directly to an FTP site from within Cleaner. Cleaner 5.0 also adds the ability to capture DV content straight from camera using Digital Origin’s MotoDV – providing a way for Web designers to quickly add raw footage to a Web site. Cleaner will be able to control the camera through a virtual deck, and the package includes a new widescreen (16:9) format. Cleaner’s engine has been retooled in the new release, says the company. It now outputs to MPEG-2, and its MPEG-1 software has been entirely rewritten. The upgrade will feature the latest Real, QuickTime and Windows Media codecs. The biggest part of the release is the ability to handle EventStreams – parent company Media 100’s name for adding interactivity to a movie file. EventStream lets DV producers add events to a clip, such as hotspots that link to Web sites, display text or trigger any HTML-based event. Creating events will be simple, the company pledges, with users using a pop-up menu scheme to add interactivity.

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