Tavis Coburn discusses how he created his incredible retro BAFTA posters

The Hurt Locker

This is an example of the working Corel Painter art board for the painted part of the Hurt Locker piece. You can see the Jeremy Renner reference photos and the digital camera reference photo that Tavis shot with his D90 (large and immediately left of the painting) for lighting and pose reference.

This is an example of a rough 3D render with just a bit of Corel Painter touch up that was used in the comps.

"These are the comps we sent to the client to see if they approved of the conceptual direction we were heading in. Because of the tight deadline, we did them in full colour so they could also approve colour and composition immediately if the concept was to their liking.

"The client liked these enough that we didn't need to explore any drastically different options. It sometimes pays off to send only the idea you think is strongest. It shows conviction and prevents a situation where clients like one aspect of comp A and a little of comp B and you wind up using up a huge chunk of your deadline trying to find that perfect balance for them.

"BAFTA was very easy to work with in this regard. They trusted us and the work turned out great."

"Here's an example of the Adobe Illustrator build of the Hurt Locker helmet. Building in illustrator allows us to control the halftone separations and easily use solid Pantone colours. [It also shows] a minor change -- moving the cord coming from behind him so that the program type fit better.

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