Cambridge Animation System has announced Animo Soundtrack Editor, a lip-synching application for its widely used 2D-animation product, Animo 3. Based on Media Sync Solution’s ProductionSync software for conventional soundtracks, it uses phonetic recognition technology to identify words and syllables and place them on the timeline. This timing information can then be output as a ‘bar sheet’, which allows animators to tie dialogue to mouth movements. Editing facilities are also included, for cut-and-paste and the addition and removal of dialogue (down to phoneme level). Also included in the application’s features is the ability to set up libraries of drawn and painted mouth/lip positions, which are tied to specific speech sounds. As the software identifies these sounds the associated drawings are laid in, which should help to make projects more efficient. Soundtrack Editor can run as a separate application or with Cambridge’s Animo 3 software, where soundtrack breakdown information can be imported straight into the Scene Compositor.