MGI has launched the Interactive Imaging Suite, a bundle that combines the company’s imaging tools with its Image Server platform. It’s aimed at design companies that want to build immersive Web sites that go beyond flat pages, according to MGI. The creative tools are split into three main areas: panoramas, 3D objects and virtual tours. IIS can create seamless 360-degree panoramas from a series photographs and compact it down to typically less than 100k. It can adjust for over 100 camera lenses (and custom lenses can be created) and automatically generates an HTML preview and code to be cut-&-pasted to Web development tools. Viewing panoramas requires MGI’s Zoom Java Applet Viewer, which can be downloaded from the company’s Web site. IIS can also create 3D representations of objects by stitching together still images of it taken from different angles. The 3D object can then be posted to the Web. They can also be zoom-enabled, so site visitors can click on them see areas in more detail. The suite can also create virtual tours by linking hotspots in panoramas to other panoramas, objects and Web pages. Other features include the ability to add text messages that appear when the mouse is moved over elements and transitions to make movement between scenes appear smoother. Users can also zoom into areas to view higher resolution detail. IIS also includes the Zoom server, which zoom-enables static images as well as elements created by the imaging tools. Images can be zoomed into by end users without need to have a plug-in installed. The Interactive Imaging Suite costs £1,299 including VAT. The creative tools run on Windows 95/98/Me/NT, while the Zoom server runs on Windows NT, Solaris or Red Hat Linux.