“We really enjoyed researching the background of Gola and the brands history to create the characters,” says Tado – aka Mike and Katie, who spoke to us as one over email. “For example Berwyn is named after Welsh runner Berwyn Price, who was part of the 1972 British Olympic squad.”

Designing for shoes and clothes didn’t present a challenge to Tado, who’ve created projects from flat artworks to vinyl toys in the past

“It’s just a case of applying the artwork to different mediums and being aware of the limitations and quirks of different things,” it/they say. “We were able to work very closely with the team at Gola and they had a huge creative input in everything.”

Tado says that the biggest challenge was channelling down the wealth of ideas they had at the beginning of the project into a much smaller set of characters and design.

“Gola has a very long British history,” it/they say, “and there were so many possible ways we could have gone at the start. In the end we tried to focus on something that people could relate to and laugh at.”